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How it Works

Sign Up to a Challenge

Sign up to a challenge that suits your fitness level and current goals. Whether it’s walking a bit more each day or training for the next Olympics, there’s something for everyone.

Get Striding and Earning

Complete the required distance, recording your progress. Then submit your results to us so we know you’ve completed the challenge and earned your badge or medal.

Celebrate Your Success

Wait for the letterbox to rattle signalling your badge or medal delivery. Brag a bit on social media and feel generally proud. Choose your next challenge and get striding again!

A StrideBadge Challenge for Everyone

  • Walk, jog or run any of the challenges.
  • Complete them at a time and place that suits you.
  • Earn a reward for your achievement.
  • Feel great by supporting a range of charities.

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Milestone Challenges

There’s no time limit. You just earn these badges by clocking up your everyday miles. It’s a great way to recognise how many strides you’re taking. And they help push you to do that little bit more everyday. Whether you’re wanting to take a few more steps each week or you’re running a marathon everyday for a year – these challenges will work for you!

Medal Race Challenges

Ah… who doesn’t love a shiny medal. We certainly do! It’s great to complete a run and be rewarded with a medal for all the effort you’ve put in. But we know it’s not always easy to travel to an organised event. And sometimes there just aren’t any events on. So our medal challenges give you the chance to complete a virtual race – wherever in the world you are!



Weekly Stride Challenges

Want a challenge that gives you a weekly target to aim for? Look no further! You’ll have 7 days to complete a distance and earn a StrideBadge. The distances change each week. Some are short and some are pretty monstrous… but that’s all part of the fun, right? These challenges really will have you pushing to do more. Can you smash the target before time runs out?

Weekly Sprint Challenges

Want to reward your running achievements? Looking for something to keep you motivated and on track? Or just want to add some extra fun while you run? These challenges mirror the conventional race distances you’ll be familiar with – 5k, 10k half-marathon and marathon. You’ve got a week to complete it, so choose which day, what time and where to complete the distance. It’s totally up to you.



Monthly Slog Challenges

Want a challenge that lasts for longer and lets you build up your progress over time? Then our Monthly Slog challenges are perfect for you. Each month you’ll need to walk and/or run your way to a super mileage total. These challenges are great to keep you motivated every day throughout the month as you aim for a grand total.

Mission : StridePossible Challenges

Want a challenge with a story? One where you progress a bit further each week towards a final goal? Then our Missions will be perfect for you. Four challenges to complete over four weeks and each week they get harder – fail one and you fail the whole mission! Do you have what it takes to complete your Mission before time runs out?


Giving Back

Every challenge you enter helps to support one of these amazing charities